You just have to believe in it (2013)

Tardis: shigeako
Ten: kittenwelp

Photos: ireneadlerholmes
Retouch: me

   Did you wish really hard?

As hard as I could ;)

I don’t watch Doctor Who, but that’s @#!*% adorable

Honestly guys! If this ever reaches 100k , I’m going to have a party and EVERYONE is invited. I mean it! <3

I want us to do this!!!!

that guy looks like david tennant:O

that guy is my boyfriend ;D

"Don’t You Dare Touch Her!" (2014)

So here is my first picture (at least on tumblr) of my new Elizabeth cosplay. Featuring my super cute Little Sister Marcella &lt;3
Elizabeth: shigeakoLittle Sister: MarcellaPhoto: EileenEdit: shigeako

"Don’t You Dare Touch Her!" (2014)

So here is my first picture (at least on tumblr) of my new Elizabeth cosplay. Featuring my super cute Little Sister Marcella <3

Elizabeth: shigeako
Little Sister: Marcella
Photo: Eileen
Edit: shigeako

Tumblr /Follower Party

I hereby announce that Kittenwelp and I are going to give a party at our place. We invite all our friends and followers!

Why party?
I promised to give one as soon as one of our cosplay photo sets gets 100k notes.

Where party?
Yeah, that’s the problem. We live in Bochum, Germany (half an hour from Düsseldorf). I don’t expect many attendees so it will be in our flat. If many wanna come, i’d book a venue.

When party?
Not yet clear. Depends on who’s coming. Planned is late October so far. Could be changed though.

What party?
What we about to do? Have a drink, chat with other tumblr users, have a photoshooting in front of our Sherlock wall and anything you wanna do!

Please send me an ASK (!!!!!!) if you are interested! Let’s party guys!!!

Fuuuck more than 100k notes for just a Set of Cosplay pictures?! Are you mad? Thanks a lot. Homeparty upcoming!!!!

Would anybody actually come if the Doctor and I gave a tumblr Party?

So our Tardis/Ten pictures have already got 95k notes and Donna/Ten is pretty close with 93k notes. I promised there would be a party when they reach 100k. Can we do it?

Even though it’s not that popular anymore already, I, too, was nominated for the ALS Icebucket Challenge by my very own Doctor. So now enjoy Sherlock’s face :D

Sherlock is me, shigeako-cosplay.

Your cosplays are amazing and you and your boyfriend are very cute.

>////////////////< awwwwww thank you so much!

It’s a shame that the person everybody reblogs our Donna/Ten pictures from deleted our credits…. It makes me angry!



this is the best thing I’ve seen

ten is
Donna is
photos by
(the original credits were removed)

Thanks for adding the credits again love!!! Means the world to me! @halloweenpunkaesthetic

Omg we got 15k notes for our Donna/Ten pictures over night. Wtf? Who reblogged it?! *happy*

Hi! Just wondering how many followers you have? PS: ALL OF YOUR COSPLAYS ARE AMAZING BTW

It’s nearly 4k :) and i’m happy about each and everyone of them :D

Hello Love, i was asking myself how you styled your Elizabeth wig .. please help me ;-; xo Nonnie

actually i didn’t style it at all, i just bought it that way ^^

Just scrolled through my blog. Somehow it consists of me pointing at people xD

I’m terribly sorry for the inactivity on this blog. I’ve been moving into a new flat for the past few weeks. But stress is decreasing; so there’ll be new stuff very soon! Stay tuned ;)