Would anybody actually come if the Doctor and I gave a tumblr Party?

So our Tardis/Ten pictures have already got 95k notes and Donna/Ten is pretty close with 93k notes. I promised there would be a party when they reach 100k. Can we do it?

Even though it’s not that popular anymore already, I, too, was nominated for the ALS Icebucket Challenge by my very own Doctor. So now enjoy Sherlock’s face :D

Sherlock is me, shigeako-cosplay.

Your cosplays are amazing and you and your boyfriend are very cute.

>////////////////< awwwwww thank you so much!

It’s a shame that the person everybody reblogs our Donna/Ten pictures from deleted our credits…. It makes me angry!



this is the best thing I’ve seen

ten is
Donna is
photos by
(the original credits were removed)

Thanks for adding the credits again love!!! Means the world to me! @halloweenpunkaesthetic

Omg we got 15k notes for our Donna/Ten pictures over night. Wtf? Who reblogged it?! *happy*

Hi! Just wondering how many followers you have? PS: ALL OF YOUR COSPLAYS ARE AMAZING BTW

It’s nearly 4k :) and i’m happy about each and everyone of them :D

Hello Love, i was asking myself how you styled your Elizabeth wig .. please help me ;-; xo Nonnie

actually i didn’t style it at all, i just bought it that way ^^ ebay.de/itm/141286939544?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

Just scrolled through my blog. Somehow it consists of me pointing at people xD

I’m terribly sorry for the inactivity on this blog. I’ve been moving into a new flat for the past few weeks. But stress is decreasing; so there’ll be new stuff very soon! Stay tuned ;)

Hi there! By any chance could you share your pattern for kay's bag please? Thank you!

Hey love! I would love to but I don’t have one. I just looked at the picture and made it xD I do have a tissue box inside though. It’s pretty much this size ^^ just try around a bit with paper patterns. I would draw you one but I’m in the middle of renovation and lack time atm. so sorry :(

Hello! I am a huge fan of your cosplay. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your dresses for you Portagas D Rouge and your Cindry cosplays. :D

Heya! thanks a lot!

I made both the dresses myself :/ therefore i took my own measurements and sewed them. For the Rouge dress I used a Burda pattern. Sorry, I’m not much of a help :/


This seamless trim technique is a method I’ve been using for years to add custom trim to my costumes without any top-stitching at all. Similar in a way to bias tape, but with many key differences in implementation and results. No one taught me this technique, but now I’m teaching it to you! Please read through all the instructions below before asking any further questions, and happy trim-making! C:

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Mobile Lovers Sherlockian version ♥
Sherlock Holmes.. shigeako-cosplayIrene Adler.. EssiePhotography.. Felix

OMG I love it so hard! Thank you &lt;3



Mobile Lovers Sherlockian version

Sherlock Holmes.. shigeako-cosplay
Irene Adler.. Essie
Photography.. Felix

OMG I love it so hard! Thank you <3